Are you desperate for an alternative to a large lawn that requires endless mowing, resources and irrigation? Replace your sea of green lawn with a colorful ecosystem that nearly takes care of itself! Let us help you determine if a prairie is right for you.

When you think of prairies, you may envision the vast grasslands of the west, but native prairies can range from several acres to less than one acre. Big or small, an ecosystem is created when a prairie is established. They provide habitat for birds, wildlife, butterflies, and insects. Prairies also minimize erosion and reduce the need for gasoline, pesticides, and fertilizer - and best of all - your time! Many people assume that prairies are low maintenance. This can be true once established, but the initial planning, site preparation, plant selection, and first few years are crucial to create a long-term low-maintenance landscape. It isn't as easy as merely spreading seeds across an area. The site must be properly prepared.

Plant types need to be chosen based on the specifics of the soil including how well it drains, on the amount of sun the area receives and much more. We provide a care plan with every prairie to control weeds as well as dominant native species. Are you ready to learn more? Contact us to find out if a native prairie is a good fit for your site. We can walk you through the process, plan a prairie that is right for your specific environmental conditions, and we can even provide maintenance to help you get your prairie established and keep it healthy long-term.

CPLD Certified Landscape Designer in Kentucky

Your new favorite place to relax and get together with your friends and family all starts with a thoughtful landscape design. We want to know how you use your outdoor space, what your favorite colors are, and how much time you have for plant care. The finished design reflects your interests, builds upon your existing architecture, and follows eco-friendly best practices for an outdoor area that enriches your life.