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Your new favorite place to relax and get together with your friends and family all starts with a thoughtful landscape design. We want to know how you use your outdoor space, what your favorite colors are, and how much time you have for plant care. The finished design reflects your interests, builds upon your existing architecture, and follows eco-friendly best practices for an outdoor area that enriches your life.

While you might like to do some gardening now and again, we know that most of the time, you want to be enjoying your outdoor space—not working in it. With that in mind, your yard or commercial property is designed for less maintenance - and we can take care of that for you too. We include drainage solutions and Kentucky native plants that do well with little interference. Our turn-key designs and installations can transform your outdoor space, increase your property value, and give you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying life in nature.

If that sounds like what you've been needing, contact us to design a unique landscape for your home or business.

Our Neighbors Love Their Landscapes

With over 120 combined years of experience in Frankfort and the surrounding area, we've built lasting relationships with our clients. Nothing makes us happier than knowing they're enjoying their outdoor spaces. Here's what a few of the hundreds of clients we have worked with have to say about working with Inside Out Landscape Design:

The Benefits of

Working With Inside Out Landscape Design

Company owner and designer Andrea Wilson Mueller is the only landscape designer in Kentucky certified by Certified Professional Landscape Designers (CPLD). She grew up in the horticulture industry and holds a B.A. in design from the University of Kentucky. She's also certified in Sustainable Site Pavement Systems and has a passion for continuing her education to ensure the best for her clients.

Andrea's approach to design follows what she calls the Four Rs:


Outdoor spaces create and hold memories. Whether it's a tree you planted in honor of a family member or the fragrance of your favorite flower, these sights and smells help us recall the most beautiful moments in our lives—even as we gather to create new ones.


This is where you go for fun and relaxation. Time in nature is good for us—science continues to study and show proof of this—and it's important to have an outdoor space where you feel comfortable and that requires little of your time for work and maintenance. It's about enjoyment.

Resonance of Home:

Your outdoor space should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home, reflecting your style and personality as well as complementing the site and architecture.

Relationship with Nature:

Nature always wins, so the best landscaping works with the flow of the climate, land, and water, making use of plants and materials that will stand the test of time while enhancing the natural beauty and ecosystem of the area. We may not be able to rebuild the entire world, but we can rebuild one small outdoor space at a time, and that matters—both to the environment and to the people who enjoy that space.

For you, this means receiving a thoughtful design that considers your preferences as well as the intricacies of your land and architecture. You'll be invited to share feedback and approve the concept before the installation team begins their work. Share your landscaping ideas with us, and we'll get to work on a creative design.

All the Design Inspiration You're Looking For

We treat our clients—and each outdoor space—like the individuals you are. The result is a unique landscaping design that enhances your existing architecture and takes your lifestyle into consideration. Take a look at some of our landscape transformations, each completed with different challenges and under different budgets:

You're 8 Steps Away From Enjoying Your New Outdoor Space

Working with us is simple. We follow a transparent process so you know exactly what to expect each step of the way, and we stay in communication with you as we go. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions at any time:

Complete the inside out questionnaire

In less than 10 minutes, you can answer a few questions (and even upload a few photos, plats, house plans, survey, etc.!) to help us get to know your landscaping challenges, aspirations, and preferences.


It's time for a walk-through of your outdoor space, so we can see it and get more information about what you'd like! Our in-person consultations range from $150-300+ (depending on your location).

Sign the Design Agreement and Put Down Your Deposit

Within 24 hours of your consultation, we will send you the agreement. These are priced at a flat rate based on your existing site and the complexity of the design, with simple designs starting around $1,500, full site plans for large properties ranging $5-10,000+. Extensive outdoor space projects (our specialty and majority of our projects) are a $5,000 minimum design fee. The Design Phase will begin as soon as we receive your signed agreement and deposit, both of which can be done online.

If your project doesn't need a design, you'll get an estimate within one week of your consultation.

Enter the Design Phase

Design support staff will measure and evaluate the site and will reach out to you to arrange the best time to do this. They pass that information on to our designers, who get to work on your design. For especially large projects, the designer may be in touch throughout the process to see what you think of the concepts. You'll receive the final concept for review before we estimate the cost of the project.

Attend the Inside Out Presentation Meeting

It's so exciting to see your ideas come to life! You'll have the information you need to envision the completed project, including all the details, plant photos, and more. The Construction Agreement will be created once the design is approved, is customized for your property, and we aim to be as detailed as possible, which allows us to offer an accurate estimate.

Sign the Construction Agreement and Make the Initial Payment

After we've finalized the scope of the work, you can electronically sign an agreement to the terms of payment. For small projects, this is typically 40% initial payment and 60% upon completion. Larger projects are 30% upon signing, 30% when we begin the work, 20% when the hardscaping is complete, and the final 20% percent when the entire project is done.

You'll hear from us to schedule an approximate start date, and we'll send you a detailed production email with the next steps in the installation process along with care and maintenance sheets for your reference.

We'll Get Started!

We'll touch base with you the week before your start date, and the crew will call you when they're on the way to the site on the first day of work. We'll coordinate everything—you can simply sit back, relax, and eagerly await the completion of your revamped outdoor space!

Final Walk-Through

Your satisfaction is our priority, so a foreman or manager will walk through the project with you (if you’re available) before we leave the site. If there are any issues, please give us an opportunity to fix them. We would love you to leave us an online review with your feedback!

Full-Service Landscaping, From Design to Maintenance

Large or small, your project receives the full attention and commitment of our highly-skilled design, installation, and maintenance teams. We believe in building relationships, so we're always here for you as you get to know your new landscaping. Here's what we have to offer:

  • Design: We take your ideas and put them on paper, giving our installation crew a detailed plan to follow.
  • Installation: Our crew takes those designs and brings them to life—on time and on budget.
  • Maintenance: For spring cleaning or monthly maintenance, we can get you on a schedule that keeps your space looking its best.
  • Pools: We can design and install your pool to create a resort-like vibe in your own backyard.

Landscaping Services for Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville & everywhere between

Frankfort is our home, but we're proud to serve the Central Kentucky region. You'll find our sustainable landscapes throughout these nearby areas:

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