Let us light the way to accentuating your home or business and its landscape... No longer used for merely guiding guests along a sidewalk or spotlighting an address plaque, today's landscape lighting has nearly endless capabilities.

A range of modern energy-efficient light fixtures are available with finishes to complement the architecture of your home or business, increase security and safety, and highlight features. Tried and true path lighting and uplighting are timeless classics, but they also have been enhanced with dimmability and so much more. Features such as dimming schedules, fixture intensity, color control, zone programming, and custom themes allow you to create a range of visual effects from subtle to eye catching, and all can be controlled with your phone.

Fixtures themselves are now created from materials that offer longevity in any climate. In addition, LED lighting, which now offers warm white, is 60%+ more energy efficient than halogen and can last up to ten years or longer. The elegant and inviting look of a properly lit home or business site can only be created with the use of a well thought out lighting plan. From fa├žade and foliage to path, deck, firepit, water feature, and patio, we can create a lighting plan that works best for your site and your personal needs. Set the outdoor lighting standard in your neighborhood! Contact us to start your plan and light a path to illuminate your landscape.

CPLD Certified Landscape Designer in Kentucky

Your new favorite place to relax and get together with your friends and family all starts with a thoughtful landscape design. We want to know how you use your outdoor space, what your favorite colors are, and how much time you have for plant care. The finished design reflects your interests, builds upon your existing architecture, and follows eco-friendly best practices for an outdoor area that enriches your life.